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These days with the hectic lives we live, we feel like we need to do it all. It's not until we have a problem with our health that life pulls us up.  This is Jane Delahay's third published book and this one takes a personal dive into what things you can do to slow down, calm down, declutter and uncomplicate your life... one step at a time.


Jane wrote this book because after her treatment for breast cancer, she needed to find a way, a means or a method to help her get her mental health back on track.  She discovered new ways of thinking, being and just a few things she needed to change... and in doing so hung up her Superwoman cape - in return for calm, listening to those quiet thoughts and then stepping off the edge to fly.  Join Jane in a series of exercises, and expect to do a bit of writing within the pages - to make this your own unique way of stepping back and stringboarding to a new life and way of living.


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Life Uncomplicated - discovering the calm in the chaos

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