About accentia.

Creating solutions

Accentia Design was started in 2004 as a part-time design venture setup by local Newcastle business woman Michelle Hessing – after a spill out of what was previously, her design and marketing business. A few years later, a couple of bumps and potholes along the way, some lessons and adventures in life and business and with determination to do things differently - it has proven to be an interesting journey in perserverance, resilience and loving what we do.


As opportunities presented to take on different projects for clients, our experience and diversity of skills we could offer grew– along with our unique ability to succinctly interpret our clients needs, has allowed us to build real depth based from our actions not hollow promises.  Now we are able to offer a solid, creative advisory service to our clients across a diverse range of graphic design, marketing and communication work – limited only by the goals and passions of our clients and their business'.  

Accentia Design has become the trusted "go to business" for a range of services – all coupled with the same care, respect and integrity that we started the business with and for all our clients – no matter what size job or stage of business they are in.



On Demand Artwork Service

For businesses that simply need work produced and
turned around quickly, accurately and for a fair price –
our On Demand Artwork Service is designed for clients just like you!


Every business needs a great graphic designer and someone who understands their business quirks and needs – as a marketing design agency we combine design, marketing, communication and business strategy under one roof – it saves time trying to find what you are looking for.

Quick, accurate artwork service for those jobs that just need
to be done - try us out on your next job.

Client Benefits

The advantage of working with us means our clients come to see us as an extension of their own business, with the beauty and flexibility of dialing up or down the work to suit their specific needs.  They can also tap into the business springboard sessions designed to discuss and tease out ideas for future projects, clarification and setting budgets.


We build the kind of professional working relationships that cement our position as a reliable provider of communication solutions.

Imagine what it would be like to only have to explain
what you want once and be delivered work that meets or
exceeds your expectations... then you need to give us a call.


We work smart to understand your ideas, your business goals and how we can best work together to get the results you expect.  We are nimble. We work smart . We love turning jobs over – and we love happy clients.

Getting it right comes from listening to what you need.



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