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Is your marketing, design and branding consistent and attractive?


Accentia Design is a boutique Marketing Design, Publishing and Consulting company with an office in Newcastle and Melbourne.  We develop, create, coordinate and deliver integrated marketing design solutions for businesses across major cities, regional centres and country areas of Australia.


We work with business owners; project teams; local government; economic development committees and working groups – bringing skills and experience into businesses or project teams by providing emotionally intelligent marketing design, branding, graphics, event coordination and consulting services. 


We thoughtfully tailor our services to fit the needs of the individual or business, and take into consideration the goals, economics and geographical location or other challenge the business may be facing – then look at ways to use creativity to provide practical, eyecatching solutions.


We take great pride in our holistic and collaborative approach to tackling challenges – we use both print and online marketing approaches to build awareness and attraction applying empathy to deeply understand and connect with your customers.  We use a variety of mediums to produce contemporary designs from brochures, tenders, course materials, logos and much more. 


We provide options and alternatives to match your budget, and by working closely together, we help you to confidently move into new marketplaces or to diversify and grow.


Our creative powerhouse operates from a place of care, passion, empathy, business nous and, above all... integrity.  We are straight shooters, respectful yet bold, experienced and well equipped to provide a great range of services  – no matter where you are located in and around Australia.


We embrace the country-spirit of "stronger together" to develop great long-term working relationships.  At the end of the day, our focus is being of value to, and having a positive impact on the development of your business. 

Give us a call to discuss your needs, budget and what you'd like to achieve.

The benefits
of experience

We've been providing creative solutions for 28 years in marketing graphic design, brand creation, publishing, printing, signage, coordinating and events.  In that time we've created innovative and attractive solutions on over 2,587 projects, working with well known brands, government and small business - we know how to connect the dots between business and customers.

Is your marketing attractive?


Have you ever wondered what your customers think of when they see your marketing brochures or social media do they go... oh? or WOW!


So how magnetic and memorable is your current business branding?


Maybe they skip, flip, scroll or swipe over your latest email or social media post (that you've spent hours working on) without as much as a blink - such are the joys of digital disruption in our daily lives.


They say we have less than 1.2 sec to capture their attention before most people move on to the next sparkly piece of pocket "insta-entertainment",  teacup pig video or latest celebrity fashion faux pas or saga.


Our clients value our experience and know that there's more to branding than simply creating a logo isn't your branding and that using a mix of marketing tools on an ongoing basis, can play a significant role in the growth and continued success of their business.




You have a head full of ideas, you kind of know what you want but are not sure how to articulate it?

You're great with technical stuff or working in your business but choosing colours and fonts or writing words for social media just don't come naturally...

You know you need to do something but not sure where to start... you really need someone who understands where you're coming from and  knows how to light up your ideas...

This is where our strengths shine through as a marketing design agency... we believe in making things easy and uncomplicated. 


We have a diploma in creative interpreting, an A+ in active listening skills, we're non-judgmental and very approachable. We know how to deeply connect with customers and can interpret what you need - along with the best way to deliver your message to your customers –  it's what sets us apart. 

It's our ability to focus on more than just your verbal communication - even if you're not 100% sure what you need – we know how to translate your ideas and to get a good "feel" for what you want. 


We are the quiet achievers, the deep thinkers, the pixel tamers and colour craftsmen, the problem solvers and we want to change the world and make it more beautiful one job at a time.

Understanding you

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